GNCC Live Powerline Park Pro ATV

Time   Stopwatch2.5 hrs

Located near Wheeling, W. Va., Powerline Park is on old strip mine property. Mud is always a factor here, as the course runs across fire roads that pack up and hold water. The topsoil is clay, but it gives way to a rocky base soil, and there are some rock piles around too. The mud isn't as slippery to your tires or as sticky on your machine as it is in Southern Ohio (like the John Penton), which is a welcome relief.

Still, you can run into some trouble in sections where water drags up onto banks. You’ll be sliding around then, so try to hit the hills with some speed for momentum.

This is standard GNCC stuff: tight woods, mud, and elevation change. Some high speed sections are usually thrown in, including some wide-open grass track. Ohio has some dedicated off-road fans, so you’ll see a big crowd here.