2012 AMA Pro Motocross 450 Moto 1 Replay from Unadilla

Time   Stopwatch42 min

As the early morning fog slowly rolled its way over the picturesque hillside of Unadilla, round ten of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship began under pristine conditions in New Berlin, NY. The big news heading into the day was the return of James Stewart, who is back after missing the last three rounds due to a hand/wrist injury.

Stewart was on fire early, taking command of the race after quickly disposing of Michael Byrne and Jake Weimer. But as we have seen from Stewart in the past, he was unable to hang onto the lead after suffering a big get-off early. Weimer would take over the lead, but it was short lived as he suffered a big crash of his own. Weimer was carted off the track and taken to the Asterisk Medical Unit. Weimer’s condition is unknown at this time.

With complete chaos up going on up front, points leader Ryan Dungey was buried in fifth. But Dungey, who needs only 15 points on Mike Alessi to capture his second 450 Lucas Oil Motocross title, was thrown a bone when Alessi went out with a reported mechanical problem.

Bryne jumped out to an early lead over Tickle, Davi Millsaps and Dungey. But like those before him, Burner suffered a big crash and was unable to return to the race. That left Tickle with a golden opportunity to capture his first career 450 moto win. But like we have seen so many times before, Dungey only got stronger as the race went on and was able to take his first lead of the day with 2 laps to go.

Dungey would take the moto one win, moving one step closer to his second 450 outdoor title, with Tickle finishing second. Millsaps would finish third, with Short, Josh Grant, Nico Izzi, Phil Nicoletti, Tyla Rattray, James Stewart and Robby Kiniry rounding out the top 10.

450 Moto 1 Overall

  1. Ryan Dungey
  2. Broc Tickle
  3. Davi Millsaps
  4. Andrew Short
  5. Josh Grant
  6. Nico Izzi
  7. Phil Nicoletti
  8. Tyla Rattray
  9. James Stewart
  10. Robby Kiniry
  11. Vince Friese
  12. Kyle Chisholm
  13. Kyle Regal
  14. Austin Howell
  15. Justin Brayton
  16. Ben LaMay
  17. John Dowd
  18. Fredrick Noren
  19. Jesse Wentland
  20. Robby Marshall
  21. Evgeny Mikhaylov
  22. Derek Anderson
  23. Dakota Kessler
  24. Ronnie Stewart
  25. Dalton Carlson
  26. Jason Thomas
  27. Jake Loberg
  28. Mike Sottile
  29. Michael Stryker
  30. Cole Martinez
  31. Todd Krieg
  32. K. Sidle
  33. Ronnie Blizzard
  34. Michael Picone
  35. Michael Bynre
  36. Kevin Rookstool
  37. Christian Craig
  38. Les Smith
  39. Mike Alessi
  40. Jake Weimer