FLY Racing ATV Supercross

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Welcome to the 2nd Annual ATV Supercross at Daytona International Speedway!

Taking place on the most prestigious motorsports grounds in the world, the ATV Supercross includes a full weekend of racing and family fun. The weekend kicks off with Saturday night’s Daytona Supercross by Honda, where the fastest Supercross riders in the world go to battle. The facility welcomes ATVMX riders and their families to camp on the Daytona infield and watch Saturday’s professional supercross action, as well as Sunday and Monday's amateur bike racing before taking to the coveted supercross track on Tuesday.

Following a true supercross format, ATV Supercross at Daytona will use heat races and last chance qualifiers to seed the field of riders into a main event in each class. Classes are available for riders on 71cc machines all the way to Senior and Vet classes.